WCO Dry Eye Disease Education Initiative In-practice

Tools & Resources

The World Council of Optometry and its expert faculty share evidence-based practical resources focused on the three main pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management to use in your practice right away. Explore the following links to learn more from peer-reviewed assets on dry eye disease mitigation, measurement, and management.

Peer Review Articles

Diagnosis & Management Guidelines

  • TFOS DEWS IIĀ® Report

    Craig JP et al. www.tearfilm.org (2017)

    A report written by 150 experts from around the world, updates the classification and diagnosis of dry eye disease, assesses the epidemiology, etiology, and impact of dry eye disease; it also addresses dry eye disease management and therapy, and proposes ways to assess treatment interventions. The report is a sequel to the TFOS DEWS publication in 2007.

  • New Perspectives on Dry Eye Definition and Diagnosis: A Consensus Report by the Asia Dry Eye Society

    Tsubota K et al. The Ocular Surface (2017)

    A report defining dry eye diseases by discussing the types, symptoms, and signs of dry eye disease stressing instability of the tear film, the importance of visual impairment and highlighting an essential role for TFBUT assessment.

In-Practice Tools & Resources

Dry Eye Disease Graphic Illustration