Dry eye disease is a chronic, painful condition. 1.4 billion people worldwide suffer from dry eye symptoms.*

The World Council of Optometry dry eye disease education initiative, presented in partnership with Alcon, is aimed at delivering practical, evidence-based information that optometrists can put to work to help patients right away.

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* MarketScope (2020) 2020 Dry Eye Products Market Report. A Global Analysis for 2019 to 2025. October 2020.


Dry Eye Disease Management Webinar

This dry eye disease management spotlight webinar highlights the importance of being choiceful and methodical in different approaches available to manage dry eye.  Our faculty discusses how management strategies may be adjusted based upon a further understanding of mitigating factors and measurements collected from patients.  Some of the simplest and most impactful interventions are the use of education and lubricating eye drops before considering a referral to a specialist practitioner.

WCO Dry Eye Disease Education Initiative


WCO Dry Eye Disease Education Initiative In-practice

Tools & Resources

The World Council of Optometry and its expert faculty share evidence-based practical resources focused on the three main pillars of mitigation, measurement, and management to use in your practice right away. Explore the following links to learn more from peer-reviewed assets on dry eye disease mitigation, measurement, and management.

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Dry Eye Disease Faculty

The World Council of Optometry has engaged global experts as lead faculty for its dry eye education initiative. These world-renowned leaders in optometry will distill the growing amount of research and clinical evidence into accessible educational content.